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Religious Freedom: You’re Doing it Wrong

Just damn.



GOP: Dislikes Violence, Liberals. Ok just liberals.

An Experiment in Irresponsible Language

So another deranged madman allegedly murdered 6 people, one of them a nine-year-old girl, while wounding 14 others. At the time of this writing, several of those 14 are not out of the woods yet. No one yet knows why he did it, or if he acted alone or with help. This has happened before, and given the sad condition of our species, it will likely happen again.

Crazy people have gained access to weapons and killed before. However, with the careful qualification that we don’t know what (if anything) was going through his head, we do know this: this shooting didn’t happen in a vacuum. The intended target was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. Below is a map Sarah Palin sent to her supporters during the election which Ms. Giffords ultimately won:

Keep in mind, that members of the Tea Party (a movement she is very popular in) are known for carrying guns to public political rallies. So to recap: Sarah Palin knows that a large and vocal segment of her base carry guns in public. Sarah Palin publishes a map with bulls-eyes over Rep. Giffords. After Giffords and a few others win the races in question, Palin Tweets: “Don’t retreat, reload!” Giffords is shot at a political rally. Sarah Palin denies responsibility, and releases a statement saying she is praying for “peace and justice.”

Was everyone who brought a gun to a rally planning on using it? Don’t know, though statements that begin with “Look at my big scary gun, government!” and end with “Just kidding” are confusing at best. Still, she knew what kind of a world she was speaking into when she used those gun metaphors, and she did it anyways. She had to know that at least a few of her AZ Tea Partiers were capable of violence. Even if no one had been shot, and even if Loughner was found to never have heard of Ms. Palin, she needs to be held responsible for advocating violence as a means of political discourse. Honestly, I remember thinking a long time ago after her map originally came out: “Someone in Arizona is going to get shot.” Representative Giffords herself indicated similar concern. That’s worth discussing, even if this shooting isn’t directly related.

FWIW, I thought all this before Saturday; I’m just disgusted by the way Palin is acting as if her careless words could not possibly have had anything to do with this. That disgust will be there until Palin apologizes and renounces such language, no matter what Loughner’s motives are revealed to be.

And honestly, let’s say we could somehow prove beyond a doubt that Loughner wasn’t influenced by Palin, or Bachman, or Angle, or anything other than undead Nazi space aliens talking to him through various stuffed animals and cats (it’s always cats, isn’t it?). Are we really comfortable with this kind of rhetoric? Is it really good? Would we really lose so much by abandoning it? What might we gain?

Ms. Palin has been experimenting with inflammatory, irresponsible, and yes, violent language for quite a long time, presumably in the hopes of determining how best to get elected. These shootings may end up having nothing to do with that experiment (I believe they call that ” a freebie”). But we the voting public need to make sure that her experiment ultimately fails in winning our vote, and instead brings our consternation.

But not LEWD MEN?

I only mention this because someone brought this same sign to my school a while ago. I wound up cussing him out. I wish I had thought of this:

Jesus said it, I didn’t.

First, go read this. Ok. You angry yet?

It seems that some people think that if a 12 year old girl is forced at the point of a gun to sell her body on the street, we should see her as a victim, not a criminal. It seems that others think we should toss her in jail, to scare her away from doing it again. (Because, you know, the problem with 12 year olds who have been repeatedly raped is that they aren’t afraid enough.)

The opposition to the bill is largely made up of conservative “Christian” groups, who see this a step towards moral decay. I’m pretty sure that any definition of “moral health” that excludes helping children is not one Jesus would want.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Deadwyler, said that she, and those who don’t support the bill, believes that arrest is a better deterrent than a proposal for rehabilitation – no matter the age. “Sure there are those who are forced into prostitution, but I think most of them volunteer,” Deadwyler said of under 16-year-old prostitutes. “Many, many children have been scared straight because of arrest.”

“The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'”

Get ready, Jesus-your “followers” are coming to put you away.