Drunk Batman, and why we all need a friend

So, go here and follow the links to download this comic. Even if you’re not a comic geek like me, it’s still worth (more than) the .99 cents it’ll cost you.

It’s a quick little tale, but has some really touching moments. In short, it presents the Batman we all know and love: harsh, brazen, independent, and committed to believing he is something more than human. Better than that, though, it presents us with what anyone in such a situation desperately needs: A good friend to call him on his bullshit, and still love him on the other side.

Alfred challenges Batman here, not to win the fight, but to win Batman’s wellbeing. Alfred wants what is best for Batman, even if it hurts, and is willing to give him what he needs.

It made me think of all the people in my life who’ve taught me that I can fail, I can fall, and they can still love me on the other side. Because, like Batman, I have lots of weaknesses I’d rather not acknowledge. Like Batman, I feel that to acknowledge them is to give them life, and to give them life would bring me death. Like Batman, I have been given some friends who have gone through the arduous task of giving me grace in spite of my arrogance and self-sufficiency.

Not bad for a short, one-shot comic.

I also have to say that the artwork on page 13 was one of the most clever layouts I’ve seen in a long while. It made me smile and feel  like I’d gotten away with something for getting this for only .99 cents.

Also: Drunk Batman. Pretty awesome, and I don’t know if it’s been done before.

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