I Don’t Want to Fight

I am really getting to love this song. It touches on some things I’ve been thinking about as I’ve started an internship with an organization called Men Stopping Violence.  Lyrics below the video.

I don’t want to be right anymore
I don’t want to be good
I don’t want to change your mind
to feel it like I do

I don’t wanna sell graves
peddle them door to door
a little something to ease your mind
and prepare you for what’s in store

I don’t want to fight
brother I’m not joking about peace
we can have it here tonight
it all comes down to you and me

you never asked me to save anyone
not in whole or in part
like I was some kind of Holy Ghost
come to change their hearts


you know the tree by the fruit
but just between me and you
I never do what I want
I do what I’m taught
and I’ve been learning a lot
about the violence I’m capable of

so I’m walking away from this
before I hurt someone
’cause I’m facing enemies
on both sides of the gun


  1. Man, somehow I don’t think I’ve every really caught the words to this song. So good!

    Thanks for posting this, and for your comment over at Mere Reflections. It doesn’t feel good to be humbled, but I’m glad that God is faithful enough to do it to me anyways. I’m pretty much a punk without it.

    • Doug
    • November 30th, 2010

    Me too, brother, me too. Thanks for joining in over here-I’m sure I’ll need you to return the favor one of these days. Grace and peace

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