No Sneaky Agendas Here, Ma’am

I just read this Spurgeon quote over at Ray Ortlund’s excellent blog. It’s all good, but here’s a favorite part:

Jesus finds meat and drink in his Church, and you are afraid he would find neither in you.  I want to tell you a truth which perhaps you have forgotten.  There was a woman that was a sinner; she had five husbands, and he with whom she then lived was not her husband.  She was an adulteress and a Samaritan.  But Christ said, after he had conversed with her, that he found meat to eat that his disciples knew not of.  Where did he get it then?  If he had drunk that day, he did not get it from Jacob’s well, for he had nothing to draw with, and the well was deep.  He found his refreshment in that poor woman, to whom he said, ‘Give me to drink.’  The Samaritan harlot refreshed the soul of Jesus, when she believed in him and owned him as the Christ.

It confirmed some things I’ve been thinking about lately, namely that Jesus “gets” from giving to us. That it pleases Him, makes Him happy.

There is a natural suspicion to us humans, whenever someone treats us with kindness: “What are you getting out of it?” Based on how many of us behave, that suspicion is often justified, though not always. But we run into a problem when we apply that to God. What does He get out of it? There is no sneaky agenda here: He enjoys forgiving people. He is pleased when a sinner finds out they are loved in spite of their messiness. In short, He shows us the irrational level of love He does because it makes Him happy to do so. So as we are loved, He is pleased. He is an altogether different kind of being to us: One Who enjoys to welcome His enemies.

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