All is Not Well

I just read this piece by Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite singer-songwriters. He writes honestly about the tension we live in: the difficulty associated with living between realities. In Jesus’ empty tomb we have the promise of a coming and better reality, but in ourselves we still carry the pain of the Fall. Jesus bore the weight of it in His body on the Cross, but we still feel the pain of it.

All is not well. We live in the middle of brokenness, and we need to acknowledge it. We need to sense it, touch it, feel it. It’s easier and safer not to. But we must.

And in the Gospel, we can. We serve a Savior Who was crushed under the weight of sin, yes, but Who came back from under it, and has now had all things put under Him. So we have hope. While our instincts and emotions tell us to be afraid for-and often afraid of-our world, we must remember that all Hell quakes in fear at the Name of Jesus. And it is by that Name that we have been called.

So we do not lose heart. We keep fighting. We live the lives God has given us to live in the knowledge that Jesus has already won. We don’t pretend that all things are already right-they patently aren’t. Neither do we pretend that the Resurrection hasn’t happened, or that the reality of following a risen Savior doesn’t change everything. We can face the wrongs of our world and even our own hearts in  the knowledge that these wrongs aren’t permanent. We can live in the hope brought on by the fact that one day, Jesus will make all things right. (Rev. 21:5-7)

All is not well, but Jesus is not dead, so all is not lost.

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