Well, Shit.

UPDATE: Here is a link to pre-order Michael’s book. Please consider it for two reasons: 1. I love my readers and want you to experience good books. 2. The proceeds will help Michael’s family financially. Both are good reasons.

Michael Spencer has died. He is the author of the first blog I ever read, and a huge influence on my life. His writing showed me a Jesus big enough to speak to failure, when all I had was a Jesus who liked me as long as I stayed in line. Michael’s Jesus loved sinners, even when the sinners hated themselves. Michael’s Jesus wanted obedience, but knew we could never pull it off, broken as we are. So He did it for us because we couldn’t, and then He died so we didn’t have to.

Michael was a friend, too, though we never met in person. He and I occasionally traded emails, and he was one of the most grace-filled people I ever talked to. I’m sad. I’ll miss him.

This post is titled as it is because death sucks. There is no reason to pretend otherwise. As a Christian, I don’t mourn like those who have no hope. But I still mourn. At the same time, I know that Michael has never been so happy. Jesus is big enough to carry us through death, too. Please keep his wife Denise, his son Clay and daughter Noel and their spouses in your prayers. And please believe what Michael taught me-that Jesus is big enough to handle your deepest “stuff”-sins, sorrows, questions, doubts, fears, everything.

Michael: Looking forward to knocking back some wine with you in the New Kingdom. I know I said I’d buy, but it looks like Jesus will be picking up the tab. Rest well brother. And thanks for teaching me to believe.

Here is one of my favorites of Michael’s pieces.

  1. Hi, Doug. You don’t know me, but I’m another one of those broken sinners, beloved by Jesus.

    The link that you gave is one of my favorites from Michael. Thanks for posting it.

    • Doug
    • April 6th, 2010

    Meg, welcome. Thanks for commenting! Glad you read Mike too.


  2. Very sad to hear this.

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