The Savior’s Voice

I wrote this for a friend a few years ago. She, like me, like all of us I think, struggled to believe that Jesus really loved her, over against the long list of failures she had accumulated. This was an attempt to put into words what I was beginning to believe about the depth of grace offered in Jesus. I was just starting to think that maybe the Gospel really was big enough, maybe Jesus really was powerful enough, to handle real failures. I don’t know how her story went, but a few years later, I know that Jesus really is that good. He really is. He has shown me-in the middle of so many failures and dark nights, He has been faithful. He doesn’t leave. Here it is:

Though your sins would enslave you

In rebellion to your rightful King

At the cross hear Him calling

“I have conquered, come and see”

Though you cannot but wretched anguish

In the depths of your heart feel

Jesus, joyous, drowns out your accusers

“You are mine, by My will”

Though the wine of lovers faithless

You have drunk, and may drink still

Christ His blood for you has poured out

“Take my child, take your fill”

Though your sins like waves may toss you

Dark memories like the ocean’s throes

There your Savior calls out to you

“Rest in me, your Anchor holds”

Though your sins stand like mountains

Higher than your eyes can see

There your Savior stands undaunted

“I have climbed Mount Calvary”

Though you have no hope to cling to

Save the Lamb’s Body and Blood

Here your Savior reassures you

“Trust Me child, it is enough”

Though your hearts’ deep rebellion

Beats in depths you’ll never plumb

Christ the lover still pursues you

“Look to me, and what I’ve done”

Though you fear His love will falter

If your past were to be shown

Here your Savior still assures you

“My child, I have always known”

Though you fear that dark rebellion

Ever in your heart may lurk

Christ the Savior still invites you

“Be still child, rest in My work”

And though these doubts and fearsome feelings

Ever in your heart may dwell

Jesus says “’tis you I’ve chosen,

And child, I do all things well”

Child of God so sorely tested

Wracked and ruined down below

You have not been left abandoned

“Once my child, never let go”

Up the hill, down to the grave

Bearing all these wicked deeds

Christ has risen over death victorious

“I have provided all your needs”

Rejoice now child, though sorely battered

Though unable to stop your fall

Christ the Rock Himself has caught you

“My child, I have done it all”

Though your accusers stand against you

Their wagging tongues you shall see stilled

For Christ your Savior stands before you

“She is mine, and shall be still”

“So now Jesus and the ones he makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters.”

-Hebrews 2:11

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